Architecture Photography

There is certainly no shortage of photography sub-genres. This is because you can point your camera at literally anything and capture it in interesting ways. However, we find ourselves particularly enamored by architectural photography as a sub-field as it gives urban photography a new perspective. If done right, it can be extremely gratifying as you will have no trouble finding interesting subjects.

Presented here are just some of the ways you can capture your images:

  • Up Close – This is probably the most common way to approach architecture photography. It lets you take in all the details of the structure and gives you a clear sense of its design. Doing so will also enable you to locate any interesting shapes and patterns that may catch your eye. These may include everything from leading lines, geometrical forms, and structural quirks.
  • From Afar – Conversely, shooting from afar gives you a new way to examine the structure. More often than not, buildings become a part of the urban landscape. Shooting it this way should help you appreciate it in new ways.

Be sure to give it a try and explore the potential of architecture photography.